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The attentions on him never went off, even before the return to the goal that took place yesterday against Brescia. The market is far away, but many are looking Nicolò Zaniolo. But who has clear ideas about his future: “I want to stay in Rome”. Reply given to friends but also to Roma managers, in one of the last talks.

The accounts, in the most literal sense of the term, will be done at the end of the season. The balance sheet is marked by 300 million debt and losses which at June 30 should be over 150 million. To reduce costs, the club has as a priority selling redundancies and lowering costs. Zaniolo would represent in this sense a safe conduct for the club’s accounts. Price already set: 70/80 million, -20% compared to the evaluation made by the club. With a view to reducing costs also Captain Dzeko, armored with a salary of 7.5 million, could leave if the interests of one of Naples materialized, Inter and Juventus. The only possible way to armor Zaniolo is a change of ownership. Friedkin is always waiting, these days there has been talk of a mysterious South American group and another American interlocutor with whom Pallotta is in contact is reported.


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