Zaniolo to Roma officials and friends: “I want to stay”. But you need to sell the club


The price of his tag is already set at 70/80 million

No goal was needed at Brescia to rekindle i rumors of market on Zaniolo: the Roma, during the next transfer market session, you will have to be careful of the pressing (among all that of the Juve) that may show up to tear the jewel of Fonseca. He already has everything clear: “I want to stay in Rome”, he said to friends and club leaders in recent talks, as reported by The company’s accounts, however, may think otherwise: the balance is in deep red and to make cash there is a need for a reduction in costs (starting the redundancies) and also for the sale of some valuable pieces. Nicolò’s price is already fixed: about 70/80 million hardly refusable if someone were to show up at the door with that amount. The only chance that Rome has to avoid this painful assignment and to arm Zaniolo is called Friedkin, or more generally a change of ownership.

in the meantime Zaniolo yesterday he returned to the goal, exactly 204 days after the last time (in the trip that ended 2019 against Fiorentina). Then the long stop due to the injury to his right knee against the Juventus. The return of number 22 will please Fonseca, who will also have an additional weapon available forEuropa League.

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