Zaniolo: “I’m 65% fit. The head is not yet free, but I’ll be back”


Nicolò Zaniolo return to goal. After six months the breaking of the crusader, the talent of the Roma he finds the net again, the fifth in the season for the ’99 class. The Giallorossi midfielder recounts his feelings after the match:


Two hundred four days later here is a goal. What is your feeling?
I am very happy because after six months of sacrifices there was a crowning moment for a new starting point. I am also happy for the team because it is finding the right way. Perfect evening, we hope to continue like this.

What goal have you set yourself? Can the Europa League be a springboard for Zaniolo from 1 ‘?
Every day I set goals to return to 100%. I go to the camp an hour earlier. The goals are not long lasting but I do them day after day. In the Europa League I will be able to help if I feel well.

How are you? Are you still affected by the injury you had?
I have been training for two weeks and I can do little because I play every three days. I’m at 60-65% of my shape. I’m happy, I’m not very free in the head, especially on changes of direction. But in time I will return as before.

You have shown maturity. It seems that we are there now.
Yes, I’m getting on well. During the quarantine I reviewed the games and my movements. I like this role and then every now and then I throw it in, so I’m happy.

You said you feel a little conditioned in the changes of direction. In contrasts you are freer though. What happened with the Brescia players?
They complained that Mirante’s ball was moving, not for us. The referee decided it was good. It is not fear, but a little fear: unlike before, I think about it a little before doing something.


“Men dream more of the return than the departure”.

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