Zandvoort is full: access roads closed, train journey not recommended


The Kennemerland safety region calls for no more coming to Zandvoort. That says chairman Marianne Schuurmans on Twitter. “Do you want to go to Zandvoort? Don’t do it!”

Busy roads and rail to Zandvoort – NH Nieuws

There is no more space for cars: the parking spaces in Zandvoort are already completely full. The municipality of Zandvoort calls on motorists to turn around and stop trying to reach the beach by car. In Haarlem and surroundings there are miles of traffic jams to the beach. These cars can hardly get rid of the coastal towns.

Roads closed

Around 2.30 pm the municipality also decided to close the roads to Zandvoort. It is therefore not possible to get to the coastal town by car or motorcycle. This was done for safety reasons: people can no longer lose their car in Zandvoort and overheat in the car

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The Dutch Railways previously announced that the trains to Zandvoort are also full. Travelers can not enough distance to adhere to the corona measures. It is also very busy at the bus station in Haarlem.

“There are much quieter beaches on our coast and on other waters, I advise you to look for them,” said Marianne Schuurmans. “All those people in Zandvoort will want to go home soon. That means long lines and way too full trains.”

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Train arrives at Zandvoort station – NH Nieuws

Following the safety region, the NS advises travelers not to go to Zandvoort. “Postpone your visit and don’t go there by train now”, is the advice. Extra trains will run until 23:00 tonight to get travelers home as spread out as possible.

“Perhaps the biggest concern is how it will go this afternoon. Everyone probably wants to go home around dinnertime, and the question is of course how you will do that,” said reporter Paul Tromp, who is at the beach of Zandvoort.

Also busy at Castricum

It is also very busy in Castricum. The municipality has closed the access road to the beach here and is returning motorists. They are advised to park at the station and catch the bus here.

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