Zanardi, the doctor’s revelation: “I live thanks to his wife Daniela”


Alex Zanardi he is alive thanks to his wife Daniela Manni, who saved him on that damned June 19th keeping him awake in the minutes immediately following the terrible handbike crash against a truck.

To reveal it is Luigi Mastroianni, a doctor who happened to be on the state road between Pienza and San Quirico d’Orcia and who was the first to rescue the Paralympic champion after the accident. After being heard as an informed witness on the facts by the carabinieri, Mastroianni made some statements to La Repubblica.

“At the beginning I didn’t realize it was Zanardi, I was focused on the very bad head wound. Beside Alex was his wife. And a gentleman who wanted to move him from the ground, but I prevented him: people who suffer such severe head injuries must not be moved, you risk doing them more damage, “explained Mastroianni.

“I asked his wife to speak to him – he added -, so as not to make him completely lose consciousness. If it had happened, he probably wouldn’t be alive now“.

The coroner explained that hearing it is the last sensory stimulus that maintains the state of consciousness: “And the Zanardi’s wife was very good: despite the shock, he kept saying to him: “Don’t leave us, you’ll get over this too, come on Alex, come on”.

The immediate request of thehelicopter: “Alex had to be intubated as soon as possible and taken to hospital for surgery. In such situations, every minute is precious for saving a life. When the rescue arrived, I moved away a bit and recognized the face. Then I saw the handbike and then I made it. “


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