“Yours are caz ***”, Conte and Italians tremble – Libero Quotidiano


“2020, endless drama”, headlines the weather front page: the reference, ironic but not too much, is at the beginning of the six months of the European presidency of the Germany. Angela Merkel, in short, besides being the hidden (but not too much) guide of theEuropean Union for 15 years now it will also be officially, until December.

He will personally manage the dossier Brexit, but above all the “spicy” ones on Mes is Recovery Fund. And since he has already had the opportunity to pre-empt Italy (inviting her to immediately accept the loan from the Mes, without waiting for the “free” funds of the Recovery) perhaps she is right Osho, when for his part he sketches a “stolen phrase” from Teutonic: “Mò sò caz *** i yours”. How to blame him.

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