Young person who does not wear a mask is brutally attacked by … (Roeselare)


Roeselare –
A serious incident occurred on the Traxsite in Roeselare on Saturday afternoon. A young person, who was not wearing a mask, and a police officer got into serious conflict. Some of the other youths filmed how the officer punched the youth and punched the ground.

On Saturday afternoon things got completely out of hand at the Traxsite in Roeselare. Near the skate park on the youth site, the city guards carried out a check on compliance with the current corona measures. One of the young people present appeared not to wear a mask and had no intention of putting on one.

The police were called in, after which a discussion arose between an officer and the young person concerned. During that discussion, where the agent asked about the youngster’s ID and the younger called the agent a Nazi, the agent responded and gave the younger a serious blow. A fellow agent came to the scene and the young man was arrested. A few young people filmed the entire event and posted it on social media.

“The public prosecutor’s office has been informed and we have drawn up an official report. On Sunday we will look at what measures we will take to our employee. We have confiscated the images taken from the Traxsite, ”said Curd Neyrinck, chief of police at the Riho police zone. He regrets the incident. “It was our intention to check this weekend, for example, to see whether the latest corona measures within the catering industry were being observed. However, it is not the intention to act in such a way. ”

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