“You really help us when you get the flu shot”


Everyone who is eligible for a flu shot should get this shot next fall. This prevents hospitals from becoming overloaded. The national call is made by two doctors from the LUMC.

Internist Jaap Fogteloo and intensivist Evert de Jonge of the Leiden University Medical Center, the LUMC, are convinced that corona will reappear later this year, but probably not at the same level as last spring. Still, there are concerns because in the autumn period traditionally many people report with flu and cold complaints. If these people report to the hospital gate, they must be quarantined to exclude that they have corona. That will have a huge impact on the capacity of the hospitals.

The doctors therefore appeal to the people who are eligible to get a flu shot from their GP. “You really help us if you get that shot if you qualify,” Fogteloo tells Broadcaster West. The injection is intended for people aged 60 years and older and people and children with certain medical conditions. A flu shot is not mandatory and for that reason many people do not get the shot. “There is still some profit to be made there. The fewer people with flu symptoms, the less the pressure on healthcare will be. So extensive and massive flu vaccination will really help us this winter. ”


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