You and me, here we go again! Pierluigi Diaco ‘electrocutes’ Monica Setta: “Do you want to lead?” – Video


You and me, here we go again! Pierluigi Diaco ‘electrocutes’ Monica Setta: “Do you want to lead?” – Video

Pierluigi Diaco

Do not harm the majesty of Pierluigi Diaco, could be the first commandment of Me and you. The – short but sharp – are now known angry reactions that the conductor shows on time in the program broadcast on the afternoon of Rai1. The unfortunate on duty yesterday was Monica Setta, which was told to the landlord between career and private life.

At a certain point in the interview, we talk about the prejudices with which the journalist would have been invested when, last September, she returned to the conduction on Rai1. Diaco tries to understand the reasons, trying to formulate a hypothesis, but is pursued by the Sect, which almost “anticipates” his words. It is at that point that the conductor ‘electrocutes’ her:

“But the ideological prejudice, sorry … towards you … no wait, do you want to lead?

Diaco asks, visibly irritated by the interruption of the Sect. The latter replies negatively and indeed apologizes, so the journalist closes the question by showing a bright smile (“Ah ok, fantastic!”). Just two weeks ago Pierluigi had used the same interlayer with a lady – in the studio to tell his love story – whose talk had annoyed the landlord.

Last Thursday, however, Pierluigi was annoyed by the sound of a drill. Or how can we not remember, too, the pulling of ears that last year made to Vira Carbone and Antonella Boralevi. A series of reactions, his, free touchy, which among other things alternate – in a surprising way – with an attitude of often excessive reverence, at times of flattery, with which it welcomes guests in the studio every day. All inside a container that this year does not mesh, indeed it is even more soporific and not very attractive compared to the last edition (and it took!), As shown by the low ratings (Me and you travels between 9 and 10% share).

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