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A number of Houthi field militia leaders were killed, and a number of others were injured in clashes with the Yemeni army, tribes, and coalition raids on the fronts of the vicinity of the capital, Sanaa, while confrontations continued on the northern and western fronts of al-Dhalea, while Houthi violations continued on the western coast fronts.

In the details, military confrontations continued between the army and tribes on the one hand, and the Houthi militia on the other, in the Al-Bayda, Al-Jawf, and Naham fronts in the vicinity of the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, leaving dead and wounded among the Houthis, including prominent field leaders.

Field sources confirmed that the Qaniyah and Abdiyah fronts between Al-Bayda and Marib witnessed confrontations between the two sides, leaving dead and wounded, and that the Houthi leader, Brigadier Engineer Mohammed Yahya Abdel Samad Al-Wazir, was killed in the confrontations along with a number of his elements, noting the death of the Houthi leader Abdullah Musleh Shoyan, son of the general supervisor of the militia. Al-Houthi at the Bura’a District, Al-Hodeidah Governorate, at the Qaniya Front.

The leader and Houthi expert in missile launches, Khaled Masoud Abu Ibrahim, from Saada governorate, was killed on the Abdiya Marib front by the army and tribes.

In the Sarwab Marib front, clashes renewed yesterday between the army and tribes and the Houthi militia, leaving dead and wounded among the Houthis, including the Houthi leader Abu Mazen Al-Ezzi, while coalition fighters managed to destroy Houthi sites in the area, leaving dead and wounded in their ranks.

In al-Jawf, the Houthi leader Aqil al-Muayyad was killed, along with a number of his elements, in violent confrontations with the army and tribes that took place in separate areas east of the city of al-Hazm, the capital of the governorate, which witnessed a series of raids of coalition fighters, targeting Houthi sites in the camp of Labanat and its surroundings that led to the destruction of Houthi mechanisms.

According to field sources in Al-Jouf, the violent battles between the two sides were concentrated in the area of ​​Al-Nudud, located between Al-Jouf and Marib, and that the dead bodies of the Houthis were scattered in the area.

In Al-Dhalea, the Yemeni joint forces managed, yesterday evening, to break a massive attack by the Houthi militia on its northwestern locations, through which Houthi elements tried to penetrate the defenses of the joint forces under a heavy fire cover, according to field sources, confirming that the militias failed to achieve any He advanced towards the Al-Saqiya area in the Battar sector of the Al-Masharikh Front, west of Hajar, east of al-Hasha.

The militias had failed during the past period to achieve any progress or penetration on the northern and western fronts of Al-Dhali, and incurred huge losses among its elements. About 104 dead and wounded were transferred to Ibb and Dhamar cemeteries during the past ten days.

The sources pointed out that 68 elements and field leaders were killed, in the past two days, on the fronts of Bab Ghalaq, Kharaza, Habil Al-Abdi and Battar, among others, north and west of Al-Fakher, in the district of Qataba.

In Al Hudaydah, the forces of the 2nd Brigade foiled giants attempting to infiltrate Houthi elements towards Kilo 16 area east of Al Hudaydah city and suffered great losses, according to field sources, confirming that the joint forces were able to target the sources of fire for the militias that were shelling residential areas in Mashher al-Sha`bi neighborhood, the city of al-Salih and Khamseen Street East of Al Hudaydah.

The joint forces thwarted an infiltration attempt in the vicinity of the Al-Duraimi district, and another in the Al-Jah region in the Beit al-Faqih district.

For its part, the Houthi militias targeted an oil derivative plant east of the Taita district of Khaled Suleiman Iaif, with mortar and howitzer, which caused significant material losses at the station.

In Taiz, the Al-Islah (Brotherhood) militia escalated militarily in the city of Al-Turbah and exploded the situation, and launched attacks on the positions of the 35 armored brigade sites in Jabal Bayhan, towards the Dabhan area and the city of Al-Turbah.

The sources indicated that the confrontations left dead and wounded on both sides, and that the brigade’s forces managed to repel an attempt by the Brotherhood towards its positions in the region, which came after a massive popular demonstration, rejecting its presence in the Hajriya area.

The repeated “reform” attempts to control the positions of the 35 armored brigade failed, while the confrontations expanded into the neighborhoods and streets of the city of Soil.

• Yemeni forces inflicted heavy losses on the militias on the Qaniyah and Abdiyah fronts between Al-Bayda and Marib.

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