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Minister Omar Inkelevich in Elad

Minister Omar Inkelevich in EladPhoto: Elad Municipality Spokeswoman

The Minister of Diaspora, MK Omar Yankelevich, continues to tour the areas in centers where high morbidity of corona disease is being dealt with.

Today (Tuesday) the Minister met with Mayor Elad, Israel Porush and together they toured the city center and met with business owners dealing with the Corona crisis.

Porush presented to the minister the challenges the city is facing during the recent crisis. At a meeting held at the municipal hotline, where efforts are being made to combat the Corona, the latest data were presented, according to which there are about 300 active Corona patients living in the city, of whom about 80 families who in joint efforts with the HMOs and Home Front Command have been evacuated to recovery hotels. Along with dozens of other patients awaiting evacuation.

During the meeting, which was also attended by Deputy Mayor and Health Officer Avraham Stern, and Deputy Mayor Avi Dayan, along with the municipal professional staff, a problematic point was raised that depends on the eviction criteria and that only a family with half positive children and both parents are eligible for eviction.

These things, the municipality explained, make it difficult to evacuate patients from the city and in any case do not make it possible to flatten the infection curve.

“In the previous wave, it was much easier for us to evacuate patients from the city, and so we were able to stop the epidemic in Elad within two weeks,” the mayor said.

“What happens when only the child is sick? How will he manage on his own ?, on the other hand if he stays at home he will infect the whole family,” the mayor wondered.

Minister Yankelevich praised the mayor and the city administration for handling the corona crisis and promised to check the matter with the Ministry of Health.

According to Minister Yankelevich, “In the Corona crisis, more than ever, we must pay attention to cities with minorities and different needs. The tour of Elad, as well as other cities of all shades, is very important for our connection to different populations, listening to unique needs and knowing how to respond.”

Later, there was a tour and another working meeting in a number of important urban projects, such as youth integration dealing with training at a rehabilitative horse farm, the municipal zoo that provides employment and experience to thousands of children every week and the agricultural school housed in the unique archeological park established in Elad.

The mayor honored the minister with the best fruits of the season grown in the park, led by a juicy cluster of grapes that has just been picked from the vineyard that the city children planted several years ago. The mayor presented his vision to integrate Jewish philanthropists from around the world in these projects, which help develop and strengthen the next generation.

The Minister spoke about her intention to create connections and collaborations between the city of Elad and Jewish communities abroad, as part of a series of new programs that the Minister seeks to promote, in-depth knowledge, involvement and care for Jewish life abroad, and the community’s central role in Jewish life abroad, especially During the Corona Crisis.

The minister, who heard the details, recruited Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Bnei Gantz to assist Elad.

Indeed, in a subsequent conversation with representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the Home Front Command, the Ministry of Finance and the Minister’s Office, together with the mayor and his deputy, it was agreed that in the coming days the response to evacuation to hotels will be expanded.

At the same time, a new pilot was launched for the benefit of families who cannot evacuate to hotels, as part of which assistance packages will be provided that will be built in consultation with the local authority, with a budget of hundreds of thousands of shekels.

In addition, an additional budget will be provided to strengthen information among the city’s residents regarding the defense of the corona.

The Mayor of Israel Porush thanked Sarah for the visit and the listening ear, and gave her a unique gift from the city of Elad, a photo book of Israeli landscapes authored by photographer Itai Bodel, a resident of the city, and highly regarded by professionals. He also thanked her for the quick recruitment and professional assistance she had led for the city in a particularly short time.

Minister Yankelevich said that, “This is part of the policy of Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Bnei Gantz, who is attentive to the different needs of the citizens and provides the relevant response to each population. Only this morning did we raise the need for him and within a few hours he has already started working on the issue. ”

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