Yael Arad Photo as chairman of the Olympic Committee?


The General Assembly of Maccabi Israel today (Tuesday) recommended the appointment of Yael Arad, as a candidate for the position of Chairman of the Olympic Committee, after the term of office of the current chairman, Yigal Carmi, ends after the Olympic Games in Tokyo next summer. Hapoel Center Maccabi Israel advocates, both in its management and in the Olympic Committee, for the tenure of only two terms as chairman.
Arad is the runner-up to the Olympic champion in Barcelona ’92 and the first Israeli to win an Olympic medal was the runner-up world champion, European champion and also Israeli champion. Seven years ago, Arad joined the Olympic Committee and she chairs the Olympic Committee’s professional committee and is a member of the National Sports Council.
CEO of Maccabi Israel, Galilean Enlightenment Responded to the possible appointment: “We are proud to recommend to the important position Yael Arad, Israel’s first medalist, super athlete, with values ​​for excellence, businesswoman and figure who will continue in the path of Yigal Carmi.”

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