Yachts with caches, marijuana crops and tobacco smuggling: 24 hours of fight without quarter against drug traffickers


The Civil Guard deploys more than half a thousand agents in five operations in different provinces of the community in which nearly 50 people have been detained

Agents guard the entrance of a ‘narco-jetty’.

  • Raid.

    Another blow to the clan of Los Lanas, the dominators of drug trafficking in the Guadalquivir

  • Mlaga.

    The last blow of the violent drug trafficker who told Ferreras the secrets of drug trafficking

The security forces continue to hit the drug trafficking networks operating on the Andalusian coast with force and for the last 24 hours they are attacking their operational and logistical structures with interventions by the Civil Guard in various provinces of the community. More than half a thousand agents have participated in different devices that have enabled the arrest of approximately 50 persons.

During the day of this past Sunday, two vessels that jointly transported more than 3.5 tons of hash and that they were sighted in Marbella and Tarifa. The stash with the largest volume -more than 3,000 kilos- was hidden in a luxury yacht which was located by the Institute’s Maritime Service and transported to the Marbella port of La Bajadilla, as EL MUNDO has learned from sources close to the case, who have added that that same day, on the Tarifea beach in The Lances, a person was arrested who entered the beach at full speed with a boat of about seven or eight meters in length. The arrested man and his companion, who endangered the players with their dangerous maneuver, abandoned a load of about 300 kilos of hashish that was recovered by the agents.

The Axarqua Malaga was early this Monday the stage where approximately 200 agents of the Judicial Police Team of the Civil Guard of Vlez-Mlaga and the Organism of Coordination of Drug Trafficking (OCON) have dismantled an organization that introduced “large amounts of hash” through different coastal points of this region.

The aforementioned sources have pointed out that at least eight arrests had occurred as a result of an investigation that had one of its focuses of interest in an alleged “narcoembarcadero” located in the core of Almayate.

The Civil Guard, during the raid on V
The Civil Guard, during the raid in Vlez.

In the seven searches carried out during the morning – three in the capital Malaga, two in Almayate, one in Rincn de la Victoria and the other in Totaln – significant sums of money, weapons, documentation and computing devices have been intervened, which will be analyzed for whether they are the key to open new lines of research.

With the ‘operation Jarto’ a “very active” drug trafficking organization that used semi-rigid boats to transport the drug to land.

Also in this area, agents from the Malaga and Southern OCON Command have dismantled an organization “an international organization dedicated to the cultivation and trafficking of large quantities of marijuana.”

The intervention, called Azocar, has been carried out in Algarrobo, Nerja and Vlez-Mlaga and has resulted in three arrested for now, who allegedly sold the cannabis crops “throughout Europe”.

International smuggling

To these operations must be added the one started this Monday in the provinces of Seville, Huelva, Crdoba and Mlaga, scenarios for which around 300 members of the Armed Institute have been deployed, participating in an operation against an international smuggling network of tobacco.

Sources of the aforementioned body have pointed out that the epicenter of the investigation is located in Seville, where the alleged leader of the network, who resides in the municipality of Valencina de la Concepcin.

The organization moved “a lot” of illegal tobacco through the Cadiz municipality of The Line of Conception and “on a daily basis” he organized “caravans of four or five vehicles” with double funds and the specific quantity of packs so that an administrative sanction would only be imposed on them if they were intercepted.

The flow was “constant”, so the clandestine warehouses were never out of stock and could meet demand without problems.

The ‘Aoranza operation’ started at six in the morning and it was necessary to mobilize some 300 agents from the headquarters of the four affected provinces, as well as from OCON Sur and the Reserve and Security Groups (GRS), between others, to be able to make 32 records. In Seville 11 have been held in the capital, three in Carmona, Three in The Algaba in Seville, two in Castilleja, one in Camas, one in Valencina de la Concepcin and one more in Umbrete. Eight have been carried out in La Linea de la Concepcin, while in the Huelva town of Gibrals both have been done in the marbell nucleus of San Pedro Alcntara.

So far, 23 people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in this criminal network, and “a lot of cash, abundant documentation, real and simulated weapons and computer equipment have been intervened.”

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