Xenia’s partner celebrated a birthday with 40 people


On March 24, just at a time when reality has changed and the State of Israel has had to deal with the spread of the corona virus, we announced good news when we revealed that Ksenia Tarantul has entered into a new relationship with businessman Carmi Amar.

Xenia and Carmi met by mutual friends, and in recent weeks even had to face a difficult challenge, when Carmi revealed that he is positive for Corona while Xenia went into isolation in a separate apartment. After recovering, the couple was mostly busy planning Carmi’s birthday depending on the situation. It’s a 50th birthday.

On the occasion of the event, Xenia and Carmi invited about 40 friends close to him to their home in North Tel Aviv for a small party. Among the guests were Sandra Ringler and Segev Moshe, Rami Kleinstein, Shelly Gafni and Titi, who recently celebrated her birthday in an event that became due to the mass infection of quite a few of the model’s guests.

As you may recall, Xenia has gone out in recent days against the celebs who got infected in Corona and documented themselves celebrating at mass parties at the various hotels where they stayed. “Do you really think it’s okay to upload your videos Celebrating after you get infected?”, She continued, “Some people have nowhere to move the isolation, some children do not go to summer camps because parents can not explain how dangerous coronary heart disease, and then they see you celebrating the “The disease. In your mother? Take yourself in hand and stop.”

Celebrate together. Xenia and Carmi | Photo: From Xenia Tarantul’s Instagram page

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