Xbox Lockhart, will the Series S design be similar to that of the Xbox One S? –


Xbox Lockhart, the much talk Series S, will have a design similar to that of Xbox One S and therefore very different from the renders that run and show it with a cubic form factor.

We often think about the price, release and specifications of Xbox Lockhart, but in fact the aesthetic aspect of the economic next-gen console it is rarely addressed and that is why up to now something that does not correspond to reality has been taken for granted.

According to reports from some sources, in fact, the employees Microsoft that they carry around Xbox Lockhart they do it by hiding it inside cases made for Xbox One X or Xbox One S, which suggests precisely a compact, traditional desktop form factor.

The proof would be the fact that to hide Xbox Series X the house of Redmond suggested to use instead the case of a PC, a subwoofer or something equally voluminous that could accommodate the low and squat design of the console.

Behind this type of choice there would also be technical reasons. The split of the motherboard made for Xbox Series X would not be necessary in fact in the face of hardware from power reduced, therefore capable of generating less heat.

However, the use of traditional engineering solutions, which are distant from those we have just talked about, would allow Microsoft to further cut the production costs of the Xbox Series S.

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