Xbox Lockhart will be much more powerful than One X, according to the latest spec leaks


After offering advances on the Xbox Lockhart non-cube design, The Verge reporter Tom Warren shared a new series of rumors, this time, about the hardware specs of the Xbox Series X’s rumored “economic model”.

According to anonymous sources from the editor of The Verge, the specifications of Xbox Lockhart or Xbox Series S should make it a much more powerful console than Xbox One X, the current top model of the home platform family of the house of Redmond.

In one of his latest posts shared on social media, Warren reported that the Xbox Lockhart GPU will boast 20 CU. The latest indication offered by Warren adds to that linked to the anticipation on the lower clock frequency compared to Xbox Series X, thus outlining a picture that, if it were true, would lead Lockhart to exceed 4 TeraFlops of power according to the number of computational units that should go to make up the graphic component.

Considering the transition to a more advanced hardware architecture, such as that represented by the adoption of one CPU Zen 2, of a GPU RDNA 2 and a Custom NVME SSD, the more than 4 TFLOPS delivered by the GPU with 20 Lockhart CUs would place it in a position of distinct advantage over the current Xbox One X, both in terms of efficiency and performance. To get a confirmation or a denial of these leaks on Xbox Lockhart, however, in all likelihood we will have to wait until the event on the Xbox Series X games which, according to the latest rumors, should take place in the week from 20 to 26 July.

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