Xbox Game Pass probably won’t come to Switch and PlayStation


Xbox boss Phil Spencer has debunked that the Xbox Game Pass could potentially come out on Nintendo and Sony platforms, despite the company previously expressing its ambition to bring the service to all platforms in the long term.

Spencer told GameStar that “We cannot guarantee the full Xbox experience on other platforms.”

“We’ve brought a full Xbox experience to different places, as we now do on mobile phones with xCloud coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and what we’ve done with the PC. We also know that when someone plays an Xbox game there is an expectation pattern, with the Xbox Live community, and the Achievements for example. Game Pass is an option because the entire first-party library is there. ”

“On the other platforms, there is no interest in an Xbox experience,” he added. “Our idea is to be where the gamers want to be and that’s the path we take.”

The latter quote is interesting and may suggest that Microsoft has already held conversations with other platform owners to show interest in bringing that ‘Xbox experience’ to their hardware. Earlier last year, rumors started to spread that the Xbox Games Pass would appear on the Nintendo Switch, that story became more credible as Microsoft games such as Minecraft and Hellblade are available on the console.

A few months later, Ben Decker, Xbox game game boss, told GameReactor that “we would like to see the Game Pass on all platforms and I think that is a long-term goal.”

But if we believe Spencer’s last words, Microsoft may have been talking to other platform holders and not being able to agree on the experience they could offer Game Pass subscribers. Perhaps internally, the company even decided to stop pursuing this idea in the form they had in mind.

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