Women’s hypocrisy is rampant


Pinar Gültekin was not only beaten and strangled, her lifeless body was also put in a barrel, set on fire, buried in the forest and poured with cement. Pinar Gültekin had to die because she wanted to end the relationship with her ex. Instead of going to college in America and envisioning a long-term future, the 27-year-old woman has now become the ‘Turkish George Floyd’: she is yet another victim of male violence against women in this country and the brutal her murder was the drop that poured over the bucket.

After Pinar’s death, Turkish women took to the streets en masse to protest the excessive violence of men against women in their country. They also shared a black and white photo of themselves on Instagram, to express that women must support each other.

The campaign started in Turkey and was originally accompanied by Turkish hashtags. Soon the hashtag #womensupportingwomen was added to these photos. These posts also feature #istanbulsozlesmesiyasatir, a hashtag referring to the Istanbul Convention – the Council of Europe’s Convention for the Prevention and Combating of Domestic Violence. The fact that this European treaty has been ratified in the Turkish metropolis is unintentionally a nice symbol: such a treaty is desperately needed in this country, where around 500 women were murdered in 2019.

Forty countries signed the convention in 2016. But Poland was recently in the news: it wants to evade the treaty. The conservative cabinet thinks that Polish women get enough protection. The Justice and Justice party attaches great importance to the traditional norms and values, the family and the faith, something that, according to the conservative right-wing, is diametrically opposed to gay and lesbian rights and everything that has to do with the gender discussion. With this, Poland is saying goodbye to women’s rights and protection – becoming Europe’s Saudi Arabia.

Instagram still fills up daily with black and white selfies of women with the words ‘Challenge Accepted’ and the hashtags #womenempowerment and #womensupportingwomen. Every woman who places such a selfie nominates other women to do the same. But due to this massive interest, attention for the cause, the murder of Pinar Gültekin, is completely submerged. In fact, it is now even said that this global women’s campaign did not start at all in Turkey, but in the US. There, the politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would have posted a black and white photo of herself with “Challenge Accepted” after her colleague Ted Yoho called her a bitch in front of the entire Congress.

Isn’t this another typical women’s thing? Do you necessarily want to get right about who first started this campaign? The idle photos on Instagram are not going to bring Pinar Gültekin back. In fact, they give each other a kick. So how hypocritical are these black and white pictures where one woman is even more beautiful than the other?

Dear Pinar, rest in peace. I promise that we will not be quiet until we really fight this persistent problem.


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