Woman bitten by shark | Abroad


A second woman who was in the water with Baily Island with her was not injured.

It is the first time that anyone has fallen prey in that area near Maine.

Witnesses saw the attack from the side. Two kayakers took the victim and the other woman to shore, the Press Herald writes.

James Sulikowski, who used to study the shark population in the area, says the woman was unlucky that she was mistaken for food.

White shark

He thinks it may be a five meter long white shark. That dreaded predator is slowly moving north along the American east coast in search of more food.

In 2010, a man filming in the sea was attacked by a shark. He managed to ward off the predator with his camera.


For now, a swimming ban has been imposed around Bailey Island. Especially around seals, sharks’ favorite prey, it’s too dangerous.

An institute that studies shark attacks advises people when they go into the water to swim in groups and not to wear reflective swimwear. You should definitely not enter the water in the evening or at dusk, because the sharks are more active then.

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