“With the social tensions on the way, it would be anomalous to confer special powers on Conte with the extension of the state of emergency”


“We think that in the face of possible critical situations, such as those identified by the Minister of the Interior, who spoke of social tensions in the autumn, it is inappropriate to find the country with an anomalous and misunderstanding combined arranged between any complex social problems and special powers to Prime Minister with a possible extension of the state of emergency “. This was stated by the president of Copasir and Northern League deputy Raffaele Volpi. “In a correct perimeter of the political and institutional roles between government, majority and opposition – adds Volpi – we believe that the probable and possible critical issues must find comparison and solutions in an immediate, aware and normal institutional confrontation making the central role of Parliament fully highest institution of Italian democracy “.

The declarations of the minister Lamorgese on possible social tensions in the autumn, according to the president of Copasir, “must be seriously considered as coming from the top political authority of the ministry to which solid and professional monitoring and prevention apparatuses belong. The Ministry of the Interior – he underlines – is responsible for and consequent considerations of informative and operational responsibility in these undesirable eventualities “.

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