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In the video: Adam Ariel’s basket of victory against Jerusalem
Adam Ariel is only 25 years old, but apparently there are players who in an entire career will not score the amount of victory baskets he has scored so far. But it’s really not surprising that Ariel actually scored the biggest basket of the season, and more against his youth team: he’s one of those purple individuals who just have it, one of those players who loves the ball in his hands in the final seconds. Mickey Berkowitz was like that, as were Adi Gordon, Meir Tapiro and Guy Panini.
It turns out that Adam Ariel winks at the same material.
“We will all take the basket of a man who became a serial winner on the evening of the semifinals,” said the chairman of Maccabi Rishon Lezion Isaac Perry. “I don’t think that since Mickey Berkowitz there have been players who have won such an amount of games on the buzzer. Against Holon, against Hapoel Tel Aviv, and now against Hapoel Jerusalem. He does that in the big classes as well.”
Comparisons to Mickey and Adi may be seen as a kind of blasphemy, but the truth must be told: a rare clutch player for the Israeli league is developing before our eyes. “He was always like that,” he recalled Ofer Ron, Who coached Ariel in the youth of Hapoel Jerusalem. “Although it is not possible to say that he also won every game in his youth, but you have always seen him as a player who likes to have responsibility. He loves the game and loves that things go through him.”

Leaving the basket of victory aside for a moment, Ariel is in the midst of the best season of his career: he scores 9.2 points per game at 32% off the arc, and plays a significant part in the effective mix that Guy Goodes has built. Although he had mother seasons with much higher percentages (45% in the 2017/18 season at Maccabi Ashdod), this season he will include his main weapon: catch and shoot, while taking advantage of his quick ball release. “He is a player who is very difficult to defend against,” says one of the coaches in the league. “He gets the ball out of his hand very quickly and it makes it difficult to keep it. It is very difficult for the defensive player to change the shot because of it.”
According to the advanced statistics platform InStat, Ariel takes an average of 3.5 shots and catches per game this season – which is much more than the average of 2.35 he took last season, which is also the highest figure among all Israelis in the league.
Whether he wins the championship or not, Ariel will face a difficult decision in the summer. He ends his contract after two years in Rishon Lezion, and will have to choose whether to stay in Israel or try the European adventure again. However, the German, who met him at the EuroCup and felt one of his clutch baskets in her flesh, made him an offer a few weeks ago – but he preferred to wait until the end of the season and did not take it.
There is no doubt that the basket he scored in the semi-final against Hapoel Jerusalem will be a beauty of a business card for him – mainly because it is not something out of the ordinary. True, class may have been the most important of all, but Ariel, consistently, has proven that in the final seconds of a close game, you prefer him on your side rather than against you. Here is a ranking of the five biggest clutch baskets of his career, and go know, maybe another basket will be added to this list tonight.

5. 18.12.19, EuroCup, Round 10: Maccabi Rishon Lezion – Hall 92:96 (overtime)
The story of the frame: It may have been a completely unimportant game, between two teams that lost a chance to rise in the last round of the houses, but still – another proof of Ariel’s unimaginable ability in the moments of the clutch.
What did the boy do? 9 seconds to the end of legal time, 80:83 for the Germans. Jordan Swing led the attack and handed over to Alex Hamilton, who located Adam Ariel in his favorite right corner. Ariel, in a catch-and-shoot from the movies, released the ball with extraordinary speed, with the buzzer. Just a network, going to overtime, first name also knew forever
The statistical line: 32 minutes, 18 points, 5 from 10 to 3, index 12
13.12.18, Premier League, Round 9: Hapoel Beer Sheva – Maccabi Rishon Lezion 84:81
The story of the frame: All in all another league game, but it was a super-important basket. Rishon Lezion came with bad momentum with four consecutive losses, after a change of coaches. Ariel’s basket gave Guy Goodes his first victory in his new position and marked the beginning of the recovery of Rishon LeZion, which reached the final that season.
What did the boy do? Equal 81, 28 seconds to go, Rishon Lezion ball. Alex Hamilton squeezed out the 24-hour clock, and already in his debut he knew who to go to. Adam Ariel waited in the right corner, and as usual released the ball with incredible speed, before Jordan Swing came to block. The ball did not touch the ring at all, and the remaining seconds on the Beer Sheva clock could not be used to force extra time.
The statistical line: 11 minutes, 6 points, 2 from 4 to 3, index 5
Watch the victory basket against BS >>

3. 29.11.19, Premier League, Round 7: Hapoel Tel Aviv – Maccabi Rishon Lezion 77:74
The story of the frame: Hapoel Tel Aviv just rebuilt itself, with Latvian Williams and the rest of the substitutes substituted – and see you on the way to a victory that led 54:70 deep in the fourth quarter. the last one.
What did the boy do? Rishon went on the last attack in 74:74. The ball went of course to Ariel, who actually missed a hard three, 6 seconds to go. Luckily, on the rebound, Noam spoke to the speaker, who took out Oz Blazer, who located Ariel, who was standing a meter and a half behind the arc. But a range problem or a security problem the guard, who scored on the second attempt, never had 0.6 seconds to finish.
The statistical line: 16 minutes, 15 points, 5 from 9 to 3, index 12
Watch the basket of victory against Hapoel Tel Aviv >>

2. 27.5.19, Playoff, Game 2: Maccabi Rishon Lezion – Hapoel Holon 85:95 (overtime)
The story of the frame: After Rishon LeZion “stole” the home game in the first game of the quarterfinal series, the injured Holon was on its way to balancing the series. To finish.
What did the boy do? 13 seconds to go, an orange ball from the side. Nimrod Tishman took out, Adam Ariel moved on the baseline through Blazer’s block and found himself, you guessed it, in his favorite right corner. Corey Walden gets stuck in the block, which is 77:77. Holon failed to score in the next attack, and in overtime first defeated the players of Dan Shamir, who fell off their feet. 0: 2 in the series, on the way to the Final Four.
The statistical line: 29 minutes, 9 points, 3 from 8 to 3, index 7
1. 26.7.20, Final Four, semi-final: Maccabi Rishon Lezion – Hapoel Jerusalem 97: 100
The story of the frame: One of the craziest games of recent years. Rishon already led by 22 points, Jerusalem came back, but the Oranges went up to 92:97, 13 seconds to go. Jeremy Fargo, somehow, scored 5 in a row and everyone was sure the game was going to be extended. After consulting the monitor, 1.1 seconds remained on the clock. Turns out that’s enough.
What did the boy do? The truth, not clear. Monroe took out the ball, which almost escaped to Ariel. But at the last second, while falling, almost from the outside line, from “his” right corner. Somehow this ball went in. The biggest basket of his career, one of the biggest baskets in the history of Israeli basketball.
The statistical line: 23 minutes, 11 points, 3 from 10 to 3, index 3
Watch Ariel’s clutch basket against Holon >>

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