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Today July 13, 2020 there is a new weekly appointment with the loyalty program’s Monday prize WinDay, for both mobile and fixed line WindTre customers. Some customers may receive a free digital magazine for 6 or 12 months and choose the possibility to activate the promo Summer 75 Giga.

In detail, some customers will receive the opportunity to activate a 6-month free digital subscription to the digital magazine ELLE. Others instead a 1 year free digital subscription to ESQUIRE magazine. Still others, in addition to the magazine, will also be able to activate the promotion Summer 75 Giga a 4,99 euro.

SUMMER 75 GIGA offer 75 GB mobile internet traffic to be used in 15 days from activation at a cost of 4.99 euros charged once on the payment method already in use (Credit Card or Current Account, including Account Cards) or on residual credit.

Once the included GIGA has been exceeded, the WINDTRE customer will continue to navigate according to the conditions of use of the data provided by the main offer where this provides for browsing at reduced speed up to a maximum of 128 Kbps or 1 extra Giga per day at 99 euro cents only in case of daily use.

Data traffic beyond the threshold, in the case of WINDTRE customers present in the systems of the former brand 3, is instead charged at 20 euro cents for every 20MB without opening session and with early charging, cannot be used in seperate sessions and is charged on the standard SIM credit.

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To participate, the WindTre customer must download, install, register and access the App WindTre and then sign up for the WinDay loyalty program for free.

WINDTRE customers enrolled in the loyalty program WINDAY, from 00:00 to 23:59 today July 13, 2020, must request the prize dedicated to them from the App WINDTRE in the section dedicated to WINDAY. The award can be re-proposed on Saturday 18 July 2020 on the occasion of the named initiative Re-WinLunedì

To redeem the Monday gift (called WinMonday) the customer, in the dedicated section, must click on the “Get“” To receive, via SMS or in the email indicated when registering for the program, instructions for activating the requested prize.

WinDay is the free loyalty program for customers WINDTRE offering discounts and gifts for every day of the week, composed as follows: the Monday (named WinMonday) is the day dedicated to prizes and gifts; the Tuesday (named WinMartedì) is the day to activate personalized special offers (the ecommerce website is accessible every day of the week); the Wednesday (called WinMercedì) is the day of the weekly competition in mode instant win; the Thursday and the Sunday are the days dedicated to quiz where you can win phone credit or invoice discount.

From Friday to Sunday, for all weekend of July 2020, customers registered in the program WinDay will be able to take advantage of a new promotion with the initiative WinCinema streaming to your home: 1 free movie every week from a selection of rental movies available on CHILI. Last week on the list were Baby Drivers The Genius of the Escape, Angry Birds The Movie, Julie & Julia and Hancock.

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