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The Medium will turn up Xbox Series X at 4K e 60 fps? So the Bloober Team developers seem to confirm in a GameSpot article, but it seems that in the original statements there is no trace of those words.

Yesterday the news spread that The Medium will shoot at 30 fps on Xbox Series X, which obviously raised a real fuss and rekindled the inevitable feud among the fans of Sony is Microsoft.

The producer of the game, Jacek Zieba, “has confirmed that The Medium will shoot in 4K and 60 fps, which is only possible on Xbox Series X, “reads the article from the American newspaper.” It is fantastic hardware, which allows us to realize our vision of the game without compromise, “said Zieba effectively.

The producer also explained why their title won’t come up Xbox One, limiting himself to the next-gen: “In theory every idea can be reworked, but in our case this would have meant completely changing the main features of the game,” he said.

How are things actually? Will The Medium shoot at 4K and 60 fps or will it have to settle for half the frames due to the graphic complexity and instant loading of the scenarios?


Apparently the part on 4K and 60 fps has been added by the GameSpot editorial staff: in the original text of the interview, released on Xbox Wire, the developers do not speak of these aspects of the game.

It is therefore only a supposition of those who reported the producer’s statements: in order to know the truth about the game’s performance we will have to wait, in short.

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