Will Smith’s wife confesses treason: “Yes, I was having an affair”


The exploitation of one’s pain cannot be condemned or even argued. It must be understood. Of course, when admitting a adultery takes place live on social networks in its program, the doubt that it is a stratagem to attract attention comes all the more when the protagonists are two high-sounding names like Jada Pinkett Smith e Will Smith. The actress is engaged in this period in the conduct of a show on Facebook Watch entitled Red Table Talk and it is in one of these episodes that, having called her husband to herself, she confessed to him that she had betrayed him with August Alsina, a young rapper today 27 years old that the two welcomed into the house 4 years ago.

It all started with our attempt to help him improve his own mental health“Jada Pinkett Smith said, recalling when the boy, a friend of his son, arrived at their house during the period during which they lived separately in the house. August Alsina was a problematic boy who needed treatment and then the two convinced themselves to host him to help him on his way. “Over time, however, I began to try a new type of involvement“Jada Pinkett Smith explained to her husband, reminding him that he didn’t need any permits to live his experiences and embark on a new story with another man.”It was a relationship, absolutely. I felt a lot of pain, I was destroyed. But it was in metabolizing this relationship of mine that I realized that I could not find happiness outside of myself. Back then, however, I just needed to feel good, it hadn’t happened to me for a long time“she said to her husband, looking him in the eye. Will Smith, at that point, admitted his blame for that break in their marriage.

Anyone who imagines hysterical scenes and uncontrolled screams is completely out of the way. Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith appeared totally in full control. Will Smith’s reaction was calm, very sober. There are those who suspect that he already knew everything and that that curtain was just a little clever way of attracting attention to the show and there are those who, in that exchange so civilized, we see almost an admission of guilt public of Will Smith for his, of treachery. Some time ago, August Alsina tried to reveal the relationship but the reaction of Jada Pinkett Smith was between indignation and bewilderment. An excellent performance for the actress, who has decided to self-instrumentalize herself to make her show talk. Mission accomplished.

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