will have to leave the apartment in August


Vatican City – Pope Francis has already set the date. Eviction of a house in sight for the former commander of the gendarmes, Domenico Giani. By early August he should leave the apartment located near San’Anna, in the Vatican area, where he has always lived with his family. A measure which, they explain at the Vatican, is part of the pontiff’s new line of rigor and consistency.

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Giani had been liquidated following the investigation into the famous property in London, for having sent the mug shots of the five Vatican officials suspended from office and, only subsequently, also dismissed. The only employee who has held the position, even if moved to another dicastery, is the official Caterina Sansone.

After his resignation, in October, the Pope had honored Giani with an honor and had also gone to find him home for a formal greeting to the family. An act of respect. Now for Giani it is a question of leaving the apartment as well and, according to the internal tam tam, Vatican citizenship should be removed, as has happened also for the dismissed officials.

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