Will games cost more on PS5 and Xbox Series X? NBA 2K21 yes


While they are expected on the market for the end of the year, there are still important questions surrounding them PlayStation 5 is Xbox Series X: we do not know, for example, the exact release date. We don’t know what price they will have. And we don’t know how much the games dedicated to them will cost.

A clue could however come from NBA 2K21In fact, during today’s day, 2K Games has announced that its simulation title dedicated to big basketball will cost $ 59.99 on current consoles, while it will reach $ 69.99 on next generation consoles. It is a $ 10 increase compared to the cost at which the American market has settled in this generation. If this were the case, in Europe it would drop approximately from € 69.99 to € 79.99.

There are, of course, many aspects to be seen – which is why 2K is only a clue: in fact, we do not know if this price tag was chosen by Take-Two Interactive (owner of 2K) independently, or if it is the new one. standard price to which we will have to get used to with the advent of the next-gen.

In recent days, the issue of game prices had ended up in the spotlight when Shawn Layden, former president of Sony Worldwide Studios, pointed out that the production costs of video games have gone up more and more, while from his point of view the price list price has always remained stable. A solution like that of NBA 2K21 it could therefore meet the needs referred to by the former PlayStation.

However, we are waiting for the prices of further next-gen video games to be revealed to give us a more precise idea.

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