Will Forza Motorsport 8 shoot 4K 120 FPS and ray tracing on Xbox Series X?


As the 23rd event approaches, information about the games to be announced begins to leak. It should be noted that these are unofficial details since the game has not yet been presented. From 4Chan we can read that the new Forza Motorsport – which is not necessarily called Forza Motorsport 8 – will run on Xbox Series X in 4K 120 FPS with active ray tracing and will boast a number of additional features.

First of all, new systems for tire pressure, dynamic track temperatures and atmospheric pressure that affects air density, dynamics and power. In addition to this the game will have an innovative redesigned vehicle suspension system.

Among the many other introductions, will boast a new online rank system, including a new Ghosting System – already partially seen with Forza 7. The tracks will have a day / night system that depend on the length and the track and the rubber residues will remain during the individual races. There will be new off-road races – including rallies – and the Clubs will return. The same information carrier stressed that he did not expect many cars during the release – which should take place around February 2021, since Turn 10 preferred to focus on quality. Last but not least, there will be a story mode with a cutscene along the lines of Need For Speed.

To understand if this information is actually real or not, we will have to wait for the event of 23 July, event that we will follow and comment live. We honestly believe that Turn 10 has had enough time to make Forza 8 all that was not the seventh chapter, but it must be emphasized that running a 4K title at 120 FPS with active ray tracing seems to us at least a shot. We will discover all this during the Xbox Games Showcase, in the meantime we invite you as always to take these “details” with due caution.

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