Will Elden Ring be at the Xbox Series X event in July? Microsoft fuels hopes – Nerd4.life


Elden Ring, the highly anticipated new souls of From Software, could be present atXbox Series X event in July. Although no new information is known about the game, the official Microsoft account feeds it hopes of fans with a rather enigmatic answer.

A user explicitly asked if we would see the souls again during the Xbox Series X July presentation event. The answer was, of course, evasion, but leave a little glimpse open for all fans.

In fact, Microsoft responded with a “It’s very beautiful!“that leaves many interpretations open. Is this a simple compliment to the game? The admission that the” slice “of the game that will be shown will be very nice? Or else?

Obviously we will have to wait another two weeks before we know it, but the mere hope of seeing Elden Ring back in action, for some, may be more than enough reason to attend the conference. This, despite some rumor claim that Elden Ring may not show up in 2020.

We obviously follow the event regardless of the presence of Elden Ring: do it with us!

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