Will ‘drowned Ferrari’ become a work of art, or will it go back into the water?


Artists from home and abroad want to give a second life to the stolen Ferrari that was found on the bottom of the Amsterdam IJ last month. The scrap yard sees the Ferrari in Artis, in an aquarium. The car will not be demolished.

“Dear reporters, car enthusiasts and friends of the arts. Herewith the latest news about the drowned Ferrari – it looks like the car can be saved. ” For example, artist Feike Otto van der Zee starts his email with his latest state of the Ferrari business.

Barred theft

The Ferrari was discovered by accident on 17 June by divers of the fire brigade in training at the IJhaven in Amsterdam East. It turned out to be a red Ferrari Mondial from 1987. The theft turned out to be time-barred.

In mid-July, Metro NL already spoke to him about the fished Ferrari. He knew “with that showpiece of yesteryear”, he said then. He wanted and still wants to make it a work of art. But who owns – or was – the red car that drove in the water in 1994? And can he save the Ferrari from breaking up, after the forensic investigation that the police had conducted

Ferrari campaigns

Many media are curious about his story and he started a campaign to save the Ferrari Mondial, who drowned in the IJ. Successfully, he said today. “After support from the car industry and the art world, the junkyard is now over.”

Initially, junkyard De Ooyevaar would reduce the Ferrari to a package of scrap, as required by law after forensic investigation. But according to the artist, his action has changed the company.

“It is heartwarming to see how much support my intention has received in the past two weeks. Numerous responses have been received from gallery owners, car magazines, culture enthusiasts and I have even wanted success from a royal circle, ”says the artist enthusiastically.

Museum wanted

There are now a lot of stories about what will happen to the Ferrari from the IJ. The dismantling company from Blokker provides the redeeming answer. “The car may be disassembled, but it cannot be sold completely,” Lowie Hoedt of De Ooyevaar tells TopGear. “There is so much interest in the car. I am completely called and reported by all kinds of people, from collectors to artists and enthusiasts. ” The battered Ferrari will remain with De Ooyevaar for the time being. “We will leave the car completely intact for the time being, as a kind of attraction with us before the entrance.”

He does have an idea about the second life of the Ferrari. He wants to donate the car to Artis and hopes that the Amsterdam zoo will exhibit this special sports car in the aquarium ‘The Amsterdam Canal’.

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