Wilders, the Dutch sovereignist friend of Salvini who does not want to give a euro to Italy


Friday’s reception was not the best. While Giuseppe Conte was about to enter the Dutch government building, for a delicate meeting with Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the Recovery fund, outside the leader of the local opposition, Geert Wilders, displayed a sign in favor of cameras with the words: «Not a hundredth Italy. ” In case the concept is not clear he then told reporters: “We need it too, for this we will not give a euro to Italy”.

Wilders is the founder, in 2006, of the radical, euro-skeptical and sovereign right-wing «Party for Freedom». And ally of Salvini. In the 2017 elections, he established himself as the country’s second most powerful force, behind the Prime Minister’s party Rutte (“Popular Party for Freedom and Democracy”), getting 13% of the vote. During the election campaign they had his positions discussed on Islam: called for the closure of all mosques in the Netherlands and a ban on entry for Muslims. In the past, he had proposed to ban the circulation of the Koran, comparing it to Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”. Because of his positions and after the assassination of director Theo Van Gogh in 2004 by an Islamic extremist, he has been under escort 24 hours a day for over ten years.

The Dutch politician is a well-known character from around our home. During the campaign for the European elections he was a guest on the stage of Matteo Salvini, in the name of a common sovereign ideology. The “Freedom Party” of Wilders it is part of the same European grouping (“Identity and Democracy”) in which the League plays. In short, the link between the two is close. So much so that Wilders on Friday, as soon as he was approached by Italian journalists, exclaimed smiling: “Say hello to Matteo”.

The attacks of the Democratic Party are concentrated precisely on the closeness to the leader of the Carroccio. Secretary Nicola Zingaretti he writes on Facebook: “If these are Salvini’s allies, the League will change the slogan:” First the Dutch! ” Also the foreign affairs director, Emanuele Fiano, says in a note: “Salvini in Italy does nothing but repeat the rhetorical and empty slogan” before the Italians “and continually accuses his political opponents of being enemies of the Italians. Then she goes to Europe and chooses characters like Geert Wilders as travel companions. Bell’amico …. ” The deputy Pd Filippo echoes him Sensi who on Twitter writes: «It would be necessary now to take a distance from the League, a companion of the parliamentary group. The instrumental logic of the “First Italians” turns out to be a boomerang ».

July 11, 2020 (change July 11, 2020 | 2:06 pm)


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