why the appointment of secretaries of state takes so long


The announcement of the list of these members of the government, who arrive after the ministers in the protocol order, has not ceased to be postponed since mid-July.

A wait that has lasted since July 6. More than two weeks after the appointment of ministers and deputy ministers, the secretaries of state in the government of Jean Castex are still not known. Their names could finally be revealed Thursday, July 23, but the executive is still dragging the announcement. Franceinfo explains the reasons for this delay and this headache.

Because there are calendar imperatives

“It was necessary to let pass the speech of general policy of Jean Castex, in order to avoid that the failed deputies do not vote the confidence”, first analysis Valérie Astruc, political journalist at France Télévisions. The Prime Minister succeeded Edouard Philippe at the beginning of July and he detailed his roadmap to the deputies on July 15. The same day, Gabriel Attal, government spokesperson, had therefore announced, upon leaving the Council of Ministers, that the appointment of Secretaries of State would take place “in the next few days”. “I have no information on the number or identity of the lucky ones”, he had then specified.

This was without counting the European summit in Brussels, which began on July 18 and was prolonged due to difficult negotiations. The leaders of the 27 countries of the European Union finally concluded, Tuesday July 21 at dawn, a historic agreement on a post-coronavirus recovery plan, in the amount of 750 billion euros. As long as this summit was not over, it was impossible for the executive to announce the names of the happy and happy people elected to the secretariats of state.The European summit in Brussels lasted four days and it was out of the question for the State to scramble its message “, explains Valérie Astruc. The same reason was advanced Wednesday by Gabriel Attal, questioned on this subject after a new Council of Ministers.

But Thursday, we are still waiting. While timing is no longer the problem, other concerns remain.

Because the choice of wallets is difficult

Secretaries of State, but how many? This is one of the challenges of these appointments. At the time of his resignation, the government of Edouard Philippe had 19 ministers for 10 secretaries of state. Without them, the Castex government already has 31 ministers. “Two hypotheses are therefore possible. Either Jean Castex is satisfied with a very limited number of State Secretaries, relying in particular on the presence of 14 ministers delegate within his government (where that of Edouard Philippe does not there were only three); either the strength of the government is bound to leap to reach about forty members “, expose Vosges Morning. The daily specifies that the second option is the most “probable”. And too bad for the concern for efficiency touted by the executive couple.

It remains to be seen what subjects the Secretaries of State will deal with. Placed under the authority of the Prime Minister, they are often attached to a supervisory ministry and responsible for steering a specific file. The titles of the portfolios are therefore decisive: it is a question of showing the importance given to a sector. However, it is difficult to ignore pensions, digital technology, disability, or even youth – the government’s stated priority – currently absent from the scope of the ministries. Without forgetting to create new portfolios for the animal cause, tourism or biodiversity.

Because the casting is complicated to finalize

Rewarding loyal parliamentarians, allowing promising officials to prove themselves, helping to expand the government majority … Choosing a person to embody a ministerial morocco is not trivial. Obviously, the executive is struggling to decide. “Dthem weeks without Secretaries of State, that’s a long time. I don’t remember that we waited so long in the past “, enraged a ministerial adviser in The Parisian. Leavers are still waiting to know if they will stay or pack up in the next few days. Thus, on the evening of July 15, Christelle Dubos presented herself on her Twitter account as a “former Secretary of State to the Minister of Solidarity and Health”. The next morning, the adjective “Ancient” was deleted.

Behind the scenes, the candidates are jostling. My mailbox is full of requests. It’s rodeo, everyone wants to ride the cow “, tells an important minister in Parisian. “We must make room for elected Macronists, elected members of the Modem”, emphasizes Valérie Astruc. “At the Assembly, the LREM pool is agitated”, note Release. The majority deputies,many to have dreamed of a ministerial morocco, have not totally put their ambitions“Says the daily. Even if it means being disappointed. Because in this game of musical chairs, Emmanuel Macron is the master of the clocks: he has the last word in arbitration. His objective is to achieve a clever balance between political sensibilities, acquaintances and gender parity required Solving such an equation takes time.

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