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Where one carelessly puts bitterbal after a nut in his mouth and does not gain an ounce, the other only has to look at a greasy bite or his pants are no longer closing. That has everything to do with your metabolism, says dietitian Isabelle Heyens in the AD.

More precisely: the resting metabolism, or the amount of calories that you burn in a resting state. “Men, for example, have a higher resting metabolism than women, because they have more muscle tissue,” says Heyens. “Muscle tissue consumes more kilocalories than fat tissue. The hormone balance also influences the metabolism. Age also plays an important role: young cells renew themselves faster and this requires more energy. As we age, muscle tissue decreases and our metabolism slows down. However, this happens so gradually that you don’t notice it. ”

Resting metabolism varies from person to person. But whether you’re lucky or unlucky about that, there is only one way to stay on weight: make sure you burn more calories than you consume. Muscles help with this. “Muscle mass burns more energy than fat, even when at rest.” Strength training is therefore useful, but also cardio, because of the extra calories you burn after training.

Skipping carbohydrates, drinking a lot of green tea or eating chili peppers, it all won’t help you. “The scientific evidence for this is very limited,” said the dietitian. There are as yet no known foods that really increase your metabolism.

So just exercise. And don’t eat too much.

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