Why Lille OSC gets a second and last chance to win Jonathan David – Football news


Lille OSC is preparing a new offer for Jonathan David. The Northern French have made Canadian the absolute priority. But this time it is really all or nothing.

Lille OSC would do better to throw the requested thirty million euros on the table. KAA Gent does not intend to lower the asking price. A new bid for the show would make Ivan De Witte and Michel Louwagie close the door completely.

The chiefs of from Buffalo’s were in fact anything but set up with the modus operandi that Lille used. The effective offer was far too low, but honked in the media and towards David Mastiffs something completely different.

Not twice …

Louwagie and De Witte therefore expect a signal that Lille wants to get David effectively. In other words: an offer of thirty million euros. The sale of Victor Osimhen to SSC Napoli certainly ensures that people in Lille are more than wealthy enough.

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