Why does everyone buy the stocks of the big tech companies on the stock exchange?


Why does everyone buy the stocks of the big tech companies on the stock exchange? In a few minutes we will explain why Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Netflix are the cornerstones of global growth. Let’s see how these companies have benefited from an extraordinary technological change. And why they still have an incredibly long growth ahead.

These companies are benefiting from the incredible technological changes that are taking place. Changes as a result of the demand for e-commerce, cloud computing and digitization. And even if they have done so much and well for many years, our Research Department thinks that the future is very good for these names. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, these companies have accelerated their businesses overnight. Because? Because with the demands of multiple e-commerce, cloud computing has exploded. As a result, the ratings of these companies have increased, even though the world seemed to be heading towards a recession.

Why does everyone buy the stocks of the big tech companies on the stock exchange?

Google and Facebook are truly the dominant force in the global advertising market. Facebook has over 1.7 billion users. Advertisers can go directly to all these users, to sell them the products and services they want. Facebook users are spending many hours a day on all their multiple platforms, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. The most important thing for Facebook is that it has yet to monetize some of these platforms in terms of e-commerce and payments. Google is not only the search engine that we all know and love, but it has also built one of the largest video platforms, namely YouTube. Over five billion videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. And Google has just started monetizing all the viewers who are on its platform.

Apple is truly a cornerstone of being connected.

It’s really all about being, it’s a status symbol. Every two years we need a new phone, and we wouldn’t even dream of using another company. Because? Because Apple has all our lives connected to its devices. The company has recently transformed its business, becoming a service company. It provides storage, entertainment, news and even payments. The future looks very good for Apple. The world is all connected, and it is a global world, and Apple will continue to be a dominant force in the future.

You cannot manage a company without Microsoft products. Whether it’s cloud computing, data analysis, Microsoft Office, or even e-mail, Microsoft is needed in everyday life. Microsoft has also become an entertainment company with its console Xbox. In these pandemic times, with people stuck at home, Microsoft and its Xbox platform have been unable to meet entertainment needs.

Why does everyone buy the stocks of the big tech companies on the stock exchange?

Netflix certainly had a huge boost as a result of the fact that people were essentially stuck at home. What makes Netflix so amazing is its ability to create programs in local languages. Today it makes programs worldwide for over 200 countries, and its platform is light years ahead of the competition. Netflix currently has nearly 200 million subscribers, but the Proiezionidiborsa analyst team thinks it will be able to double its subscriber base in the next five years.

Amazon is the shop open 24/7.

It has over 12 million products that can be ordered anytime worldwide. And it is spending billions and billions of dollars to offer its customers one-day shipments. Very soon it will no longer be necessary to leave the house for any reason to go shopping, because Amazon will be able to provide everything. The even more interesting thing about the company is that it is now a cloud computing company. Amazon’s platform is able to allow other companies around the world to operate online. Amazon is one of the best investment opportunities for the future, and is run by a genius like Jeff Bezos.

Although these companies are now valued at over a trillion dollars on the stock exchange, we think their future is very good. They are dominant businesses and franchises. It is therefore difficult to imagine that these companies will not sell more products, more services, and that they will not be a bigger part of our life in the future. Our team of experts suggests investing in scalable companies. Companies that have huge reinvestment opportunities, and that are managed in a very intelligent way. We find all these characteristics in the stocks we have named. Big Tech technology is a theme that will grow more and more in portfolios over the years.

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