“Who would not survive a second lockdown” – Libero Quotidiano


The sociologist Giuseppe Roma, for years director of Censis, does not welcome the idea of ​​the extension of the state of emergency for coronavirus. “A lasting emergency does not help us find the normality we need, even if I understand that it is a prudential measure. If everything becomes extraordinary, sociologically we suffer negative stress. Of course, it depends on how the development will develop. pandemic but I would prefer to go back to ordinariness to manage the difficulties we face. Thinking of still living in an emergency would induce the Italians in conditions of non-tranquility while the country needs serenity to get back on track. ”

Conte, full powers throughout 2020. This is the signal: new red areas. Democracy suspended for a year

The sociologist, in an interview with Day, then highlights i subjects most penalized by an emergency 2.0. “If it’s just about governance of the system, if it does not lead to restrictions, it affects all categories transversely. If it should instead lead to restrictive measures, the most affected are the weak links of the production system: young people, women and the South in general“Rome finally wipes out any thoughts about those who fear dangers for democracy.” I realize that the government in office becomes a little more stable than the majority’s fibrillations, but I don’t see any dangers for democracy. However, I would prefer to focus on the sense of responsibility and on civic participation of Italians rather than on compulsion “.

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