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A sailing ship named “Alicia”. Eight hundred kilos of cocaine transported across the ocean. A skipper killed in an underworld ambush. And Colombian “narcos” in search of the lost cargo between Liguria and the Susa Valley. If it weren’t a true story, it could be the screenplay of a film in which the affairs of Pablo Escobar’s heirs are intertwined with those of the Calabrian Femia family. Instead it is the narrative of a court case unveiled by a collaborator of justice who traces an unusual drug route: from Medellin to Bruzolo. Where 430 kilos of white powder have been buried. Never found again.

The protagonist is Santo Abossida, a “man of the world”. In Spain, in Mallorca, he manages a night club, in the African islands of Cape Verde a clothing boutique, in São Tomè he wants to start a fishermen’s cooperative. He was a long-time captain in the merchant navy. A navigator. Who with the help of his sister Bombina, called “Bina”, who lives in La Spezia, imports drugs from South America.

Like a new Carlos Lehder, he uses his two yachts – one moored in France and the other in Cape Verde – to transport loads. Intercept it? It is not a simple thing. On board it has a frequency inhibitor. The last trip, seven years ago, with 800 kilos of cocaine hidden in the hold. A part is sold on the Lazio square. The other, destined for the Turin area, remains on the boat. Shortly afterwards Santo is shot dead in Calabria.

Colombian suppliers, however, must recover the consignment of drugs and bring the sale to an end. They contact Antonio Femia, 39, who will later become a collaborator of justice. His is a prominent surname in Calabrian organized crime and his family has brought business up to the Susa Valley. Femia turns to “Bina”. “I was wondering when you would show up,” the woman replies. She is of the trade. And, pending provisions, he had taken steps to make the drug safe. The load is recovered. Antonio puts it in black Nike bags, loads it on a Fiat Croma and travels with the other people on the A21. Cocaine is hidden in underground drums in Bruzolo, near the house of cousin Vincenzo Femia. And never found again.

So far the story. Then the trial, which will start after the summer in La Spezia. Eleven defendants. Among the defenders, also the Turin lawyer Guido Anetrini. However, it remains a mystery. Where did those 430 kilos of cocaine purchased in Colombia and transported to the Val di Susa go?

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