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When Gemma Arterton, 34, was chosen as the Bond Girl, she became a star overnight – the actress shook an eloquent commentary on IS about her breakthrough role – TV & Movies


– If you can be with your spouse around the clock, then everything will be clear, says actor Gemma Arterton, who stars in the film Kesämaa, referring to the challenges brought by the Korona era.

Actor Gemma Arterton sounds brisk at the other end of the phone, but there may be a touch of British restraint in the speech. When asked about the corona pandemic that began in the spring and its possible effects on her life, Arterton reveals that she had a corona. Arterton emphasizes the disease, and with it the obligatory cessation, has also brought good things to life.

– I got Covid-19 very mild. So I have spent weeks mostly at home in our London apartment. Finally and finally, there has also been time to think about things other than what Arterton, who enjoys work, painting and writing, says.

Despite the limitations, the time of the corona has brought Arterton, 34, in the opinion of the people, hope that everything will be clear. The actress laughs that she has noticed with her Irish husband that being together for days did not even cause problems for their union.

– If you can be with another 24/7, then everything will be clear, Gemma Arterton sums up referring to her actress Rory Keenaniin.

Gemma Arterton starred British agent Strawberry Fields in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace. Bond was played by Daniel Craig.

Arterton, who has already started his career in school plays, is familiar with many screen films (Clash of Titans, Prince of Persia), but she is best remembered for her role as a Bond girl Daniel Craigin starring Quantum of Solace the film. He recalls his work experience well, but stresses that he would no longer agree to do the same.

– Acting in Bond gave my career just the right kick. I instantly became famous. I don’t regret what I did, but I wouldn’t agree to a similar role anymore, he says firmly.

Although Arterton jumped into fame a decade ago, it wasn’t until Bond that he became world famous. Indeed, he reveals that at the beginning of his career, he thought very carefully about which film projects he agreed to.

– I have starred in roles, which in retrospect I have thought that would have them do. At the beginning of my career, I didn’t have strong enough willpower to understand refusing to play some film roles, he thinks.

Arterton gradually admits that he has learned to trust and believe in himself and his abilities.

– On the other hand, I don’t think perfection exists, he acknowledges.

Summer Country is a great drama filmed in stunning British landscapes, about friendship and love. “My character is pretty mean and stubborn, but little by little he learns to understand other people and realizes that love also has many different levels,” says Gemma Arterton, who plays the author in the film.

Arterton has always liked so-called marginal films. He has wanted to make stories that have some meaning.

– It is for this reason that I once wondered when I was offered parts in large productions, he points out.

Now Arterton is staring at the upcoming premiere on July 24th Jessica Swalen written and directed by World War II Kesämaamovies.

The story is about a young, rude, outspoken and intelligent and author, Alice (Gemma Arterton), who very reluctantly takes home a little Frank boy fleeing war in London.

However, a friendship develops between Alice and her son, who love her own peace and privacy. Gradually, Alice begins to realize that life can provide new opportunities and there are many different forms of love.

– One day I called my friend Jessica and asked her to read the scripts. I set up his own production company and I wanted to find out whether there is anything interesting story production.

Jessica sent Gemma to Summerland, and she immediately fell in love with the text.

– I was immediately ready to produce the story into a movie. Then Jessica suddenly suggested me for the lead, and I agreed, Arterton says.

– Life is not always easy and bad things happen. You just have to be able to analyze why something has gone wrong and think about what could be done differently. During my corona period, my husband and I have been together 24/7 and it has gone well, says Gemma Arterton, who has a mild corona disease.

production company Arterton founded it because he wanted to create something of his own and make the marginal films he’s always liked. One reason for starting the business was also that he didn’t just want to sit at home and wait for movie offers.

– When I was young, I didn’t really know what kind of movies I wanted, but now I know he’s spinning.

In his work, Arterton has learned that there is huge competition in the industry and popularity can collapse in an instant.

– In this job, you never really know what’s around the corner, Arterton, who will be filming two films later this year, knows.

For that, he’s glad he doesn’t think face-lifters or botox are highly valued in Hollywood anymore.

– I have found that attitude is beginning to change and we will be returning back to normal. In fact, the return to the old is also happening in terms of movies, as it is no longer just about high-budget adventures being made, he says.

The actress says her own life is happily modeled. Even in his work, Arterton is now in a position to choose his job.

Of course, he admits that the actor’s life has not been an easy journey and even boring things have happened.

– In general, life has treated me well. Of course, bad things happen, but we go over them and move on, he decides.

Summer country at the Finnish premiere on July 24

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