WhatsApp introduces two long-awaited new features


Sometimes it feels like WhatsApp has looked the same for five years, but it really isn’t. Facebook is rolling out new features at a subtle pace. They often first appear in the beta version of the chat app.

As a result, we can often spot new functionalities early on. Some changes are tested briefly and then deleted. It is not without reason a beta. Other new features stick, and eventually find their way to the regular version of WhatsApp, which everyone uses. You and me too.

Good news: two new features have now made that switch, after being in beta for a long time. Facebook therefore considers them ready for the average user. We highlight the new additions for you. You can now find both functionalities in the chat app!

Share contact information securely

First, it now supports QR codes. This way you can add people on WhatsApp, without having to store their number in your address book. You can go to your profile via the settings of the chat app, next to which a QR sign can now be seen.

If you click on it, you will see your own personalized QR code. Others can scan that code to add you to WhatsApp, without having to look up and share your number.

Also handy: you can reset the QR code. For example, if you put your code in a presentation for school or work, you can refresh your code after a few weeks. This ensures that people cannot add you months later because your presentation is lying around online.

It is also the biggest advantage of this feature: you have control over your contact details. If you share your number somewhere on your own, that number will remain lying around digitally. Your QR code you have control over whether it continues to work, wherever the code ends up.

WhatsApp new features
(Image: WhatsApp / WANT.nl)

WhatsApp animated stickers

Chances are that you have already collected a masterly collection of stickers. Since users can add their own stickers, on WhatsApp it sometimes feels like you’re using MSN again.

Now the chat app is chasing its competitor Telegram by also adding moving stickers. You can already try out animated stickers with six new sticker packs that WhatsApp has introduced itself. Think of a dancing banana, à la Hyves.

You can recognize them by the play button that can be seen next to the collections. And yes, in the end users can also add their own creations! So prepare for chaotic group chats, because in addition to GIFs, stickers are now also terrorizing your screen.

WhatsApp new features
(Image: WhatsApp / WANT.nl)

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WhatsApp introduces two long-awaited new features

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