WhatsApp, Google Photos backup suspended: discovered the reason


Sensational suspension of WhatsApp, which stops the backup of photos and videos from Google Photos. Let’s find out the curious reason behind the measure.

Google photo and video backup suspended from messaging app (via WebSource)

Yesterday the sensational indiscretion, today comes the confirmation. Indeed Google has suspended WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media from automatic backup of photos and videos. Indeed the colossus of Sundar Pinchai it will no longer automatically back up media from social and messaging applications.

A sudden stop, which surprised all users of the applications in question. In fact, the social networks where automatic backup will be suspended are: WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messanger, Instagram is Twitter, basically all the main apps for socializing on the Play Store.

So after initially testing the news during the month of June, Google is ready to apply the change during this July. So let’s see what changes and what’s the real news.

WhatsApp, media backup from Google suspended: all the news

Whatsapp backup
All the news implemented by Google (photo Pixabay)

So after months of testing, Google changed the default settings of Google Photos. All this will allow the application not to directly run backup shared photos and videos directly from messaging apps and social networks.

Despite the long trial period, the change will only be temporary. In fact, as Google specified, because of the COVID-19 people have increased traffic for photos and videos. So one of the Google exponents confirmed the backup suspension was implemented for to preserve the internet resources and the synchronization.

For those who are fond of the service, it will still be possible to create folders directly affected by the settings. So this is Google’s second measure because of the Coronavirus. In fact the first measure was the decrease of the streaming quality of YouTube, due to the huge traffic on the app caused by the pandemic.


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