what to do (and not to do) with your mask


Wearing a mask has been compulsory in closed public spaces since July 20. Here are some tips for wearing it correctly.

New step in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Wearing a mask is compulsory in closed public spaces, since Monday July 20. Those who fail to comply with this obligation may be fined 135 euros. Already compulsory in some places, such as public transport, it is now compulsory in all stores, shopping centers, banks or even covered markets.

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So how do you properly use this anti-splash mask (surgical type)? Franceinfo takes stock of the best practices to adopt because, if used improperly, wearing a mask can be counterproductive.

The right gestures to adopt to wear a mask. (AWA SANE / FRANCEINFO)
The mistakes not to make with your mask.
The mistakes not to make with your mask. (AWA SANE / FRANCE INFO)

1Identify the bottom and top of the mask

Before handling a mask, you must wash your hands with soap or disinfect them with a hydroalcoholic gel.

Take the time to identify the direction in which the mask should be positioned. The surgical mask has a metal bar, which must be placed on the top of the face as it serves to pinch the nostril.

If your mask has a color, this color is necessarily always outside.

2Properly position the mask on his face

Grab your mask by the rubber bands and pass them behind your ears. Unfold your mask so that it covers your nose and chin well. Pinch the metal bar on the nose to adjust the top of the mask.

When you are blowing, you should not have air in your eyes. If you wear glasses and you have fog on your glasses, it means that the mask is badly positioned. Take the time to adjust it so you don’t have to touch it afterwards.

3Do not touch it while you are wearing it

Once it is positioned, you should not touch it in any way. Touching the main part of the mask risks contaminating it. It should not be removed or lowered to discover his mouth and speak to someone, for example. Even less let it hang around the neck like a scarf.

A surgical mask has a lifespan of approximately four hours. A single-use mask should therefore not be reused. Once the mask has been removed, it is not put back on his face. If the mask gets wet, replace it with a new mask.

4Remove it by grabbing it by the rubber bands

Before removing it, wash or sanitize your hands. If you are wearing gloves, take them off.

Grab the mask again by the rubber bands and, without touching the front of the mask, throw it in a closed waste bin. Or, if it is a reusable mask, place it in a specific container, before washing your hands again, and cleaning the outside of the container. It should then be washed following the maintenance recommendations.

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