What happens to your mask after wearing it for a few days?


Pharmaceutical study shows they are a source of bacteria if they are not washed or disinfected from time to time

Bacterial mask screening tests
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Masks that are not washed or disinfected are often a bacteria source. That is the main conclusion you have recently reached. Marisa García Alonso, pharmacist and clinical analyst, when carrying out an analysis with different types of used masks. If they are not cared for or changed frequently, chances are all kinds of bacteria will show up: staphylococcus, streptococcus, neiserias, bacillus

The analysis carried out by this pharmaceutical company, known in social networks for its informative work, has consisted of ‘cultivating’ in small Petri dishes the microorganisms of the reused mascarillas. In his study you can see how he uses the ‘blood agar’, characteristic for their red color, to deposit the imprints or tissue remains of each mask used, and the result is enlightening: in all, some kind of bacteria cohabit, even minimally.

The truth is not all are “pathogenic”, as reported by Marisa García, “but they could become opportunistic pathogens if they are greatly increased because they are growing in abundance in wet masks with our breath.” The ultimate goal with this outreach exercise is not, in that sense, “for someone to end up not wearing the masks,” but rather “for us to take better care of our masks, or to change them more often.”

The process has been recorded and posted on his instagram account. The video is already a success: it has more than 70 thousand reproductions and about 500 comments with a whole community exposing impressions and doubts.

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