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WhatsApp, increases the ban risk for users. It sets new guidelines and more restrictive rules than in the past

WhatsApp, the rules change: ban risk for many users (Pixabay)

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used messaging app in the world. Literally exploded in recent years, now anyone owns an account on your smartphone. What makes the Zuckerberg colossus so widespread are the endless features it offers.

Often too many. The freedom that is given to all users, in fact, very often leads to harmful content. From mass spam to fake news, there are many problems reported by who uses WhatsApp. For this reason, the developers have recently decided to refresh the rules, making them more restrictive guidelines. Increase the risk ban for those who do not comply with the updated regulations.

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WhatsApp, what are the new rules: ban between sanctions

Whatsapp ban
WhatsApp, ban and limited messages between sanctions (via Pixabay)

These are completely updated rules with stiff penalties like never before. For those who usually transgress, the penalties could be much more serious than usual. It goes from limit of sharing messages to the direct ban. I targeted those who send fake news to other users. Phenomenon exploded during the lockdown and the Coronavirus emergency, it has exceeded the limits in recent weeks. For those who share fake news with other users, for the moment there is still no ban.

Regarding spam – sending the same message to many users – the penalties will be more rigid. For the milder one, there is talk of limiting daily messages, while those who love spamming chains and messages, are at serious risk it’s the service ban.

Finally, there are very strict penalties for those who use them infected files. For i malware e i spyware – viruses that damage smartphones – the penalty is, of course, the definitive ban from the service, by blocking the IP address.

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