Weather: Thousands traveled the country, from tomorrow – another heavy wave


About 60,000 hikers visited the national parks and nature reserves on Saturday, despite the heat wave that hit Israel. Among the prominent sites: Yarkon Tel Afek with 2,500 hikers, Ein Gedi with 1,900 hikers, Gan Hashlosha with 1,700 hikers, the Banias and the Magrasa (estuary estuary) with 1,500 hikers at each of the sites. The Kinneret Cities Association said that over 30,000 people spent time on the union’s beaches over the weekend.

Tomorrow there will be another heaviness in the heat loads. According to the forecast, temperatures are expected to rise, especially in the mountains and inland, and the heat load will be heavier. Will become hot and dry in the mountains and inland and steamy in the coastal plain.

The heat wave will continue on Monday as well, and no significant changes in the temperature are expected. The reversal of last week’s decision to close the bathing beaches is expected to bring masses of bathers to the beaches, who will seek refuge from the heavy heat.

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The B & Bs and guest houses today are also full. The Ein Gev holiday village reported full occupancy on Friday and Saturday. During the weekend, the beach managers and cleaning and information teams conducted a combined operation, which included enforcement and cleaning of the beaches. The operation also took place on the banks of the southern Jordan River, in cooperation with the Jordan Valley Regional Council and the Sea of ​​Galilee Authority.

The prairie was also visited by many visitors, despite the heavy heat. There was also a lively movement of hikers at tourist sites in the Golan Heights and the Upper Galilee, with many arriving at the water sites against the background of the heavy heat.

In Eilat, the high occupancy of hotels continued, and in the Middle Arava tourism, it was reported that the guest rooms, khans, restaurants and artists’ workshops were full of travelers during the weekend. Middle Arava Tourism has initiated a special campaign for four weekends, of night activities, which includes professional and guided events and star gazing.

Bathing beaches in Tel Aviv and along the Mediterranean were also bustling, but unlike previous weeks, this time beaches were not closed due to congestion and the promenade in Tel Aviv was not full since the morning.

Bathing in the Sea of ​​Galilee (Photo: Ein Gev Tourism)

Against the background of IDF activity, tourism in the north continued as usual

“There was a larger movement of the army and there were also checkpoints, but the routine of life continued and there were no cancellations in the guest rooms and sites,” the chairman of the Galilee Tourism Association, Omar Korlander, told Maariv amid reports of security tensions in the north.

“The guesthouses and hotels were full of guests. No one canceled, there were those who asked what was going on, but the activity continued as a series and people also went on trips and visits to the tourist attractions,” Corlander further noted.

The reports of the tension and the increased movement of the IDF no longer have an effect?
“The fact that no one canceled and the routine went on. Apparently people developed a vaccine.”

Doron Keren, CEO of Goshrim Hotel in Nature, said that there were indeed some phone calls on Friday, but no cancellations were recorded and the hotel carried out all the planned activities, which also included trips in nature and in accordance with the purple character guidelines.

Despite the tensions and the incident on Friday at the border with Syria, in Majdal Shams, at the Hermon site, guided tours were held yesterday as planned and the activity routine, which included the activity that included the slides and the Sky Rider continued. “Despite the tensions, the site operated as usual and without any restrictions,” noted Hermon site spokeswoman Mickey Inbar.

The Kfar Blum kayaks also continued the activity as a series. “In our case, the routine was not violated at any stage and the air-conditioned tent complex was also fully occupied,” noted Guy Yarmak, from the website. The Edmond boutique mall in Rosh Pina was also fully booked. “Guests continued to enjoy every moment,” noted hotel general manager Omar Porat.

Also at the western border point, at the Rosh Hanikra tourist site, a routine was reported. “The traveling public comes to the Nekraot site, enjoys the beauty of nature and the security situation is not noticeable among the visitors,” said Liat Halevi HaCohen, marketing director at the Rosh Hanikra site.

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