WEATHER – STRIKE, STOP SUMMER, CLOUDS and HAGGER arrive, here’s where and when


Bad bad weather yesterday in northern Italy, tornado in Lombardy

Yesterday we witnessed a wave of violence bad weather on the northern regions that has left its mark not failing to bring various damages and inconveniences not only in Vallagarina, but also and above all in Lombardy, increasingly tormented by the various emergencies in this 2020, from health to climate and where a whirlwind has occurred. The perturbed front that affected the aforementioned sectors was caused by the rapid transit of a perturbed cable of matrix atlantica which in these hours has now abandoned our country moving to the Balkan Peninsula.

Center-south ousted by the wave of bad weather

However, the anticyclone did not release its grip on the central-southern regions which therefore observed conditions weather of absolute stability, neither yesterday nor less than today, on the contrary: a new reinforcement of the anticyclonic promontory that pushes back from the south-western quadrants was mainly responsible for the rapid transit of the aforementioned cable to the Balkan sector . However, the presence of these cooler and unstable currents on the Balkan Peninsula leads to entry into Italy of a mild secondary circulation, the cause of some thunderstorm disturbance in the afternoon on the central Apennines, gradually improving in the last few minutes anyway.

Anti-cyclone and Atlantic flow swear battle in the coming week

The evolution weather relating to next week as well as starting from Monday, July 13 starting, sees two prominent baric figures in continuous struggle in the Mediterraneo especially in summer: the anticyclone afroazzorriano it will respond to the attacks launched by the flow atlantico and although in some moments it seems to have the upper hand, a similar synoptic situation will nevertheless have effects aimed at bad weather in some areas of our Peninsula, as we have deepened in a special editorial. In the second part of the week, however, important news came main computer centers, let’s see what they are.

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