Weather, last hours of good weather. Thunderstorms and hailstorms on Friday. Yellow alert is triggered


Thunderstorms coming
Thunderstorms coming
Florence, 2 July 2020 – A rapid worsening of the weather is expected tomorrow, Friday 3 July. As for Tuscany, bad weather will mainly affect the north-western and Apennine areas where rain and heavy thunderstorms are expected. For this reason the unified operations room has issued a yellow code for severe thunderstorms with associated hydrogeological-hydraulic risk of the minor lattice, valid from hours 12 until midnight tomorrow, Friday 3 July. The areas concerned are the internal ones along the Apennine ridges. Tomorrow, Friday, the possibility of scattered precipitations, including storms, initially on the Apennine sectors, in the afternoon of an isolated nature also on the Sienese and Aretino. During the central hours of the day, the possibility of locally isolated thunderstorms. possible gusts of wind and hailstorms.

As for the areas instead southern central the sky will be slightly cloudy with possible development in the afternoon and evening of local thickening on the internal areas associated with short and isolated thunderstorm showers. Winds: weak to moderate westerners. Mari: moved. Temperatures: stationary or locally, the maxima drop in the innermost areas.

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