WEATHER FORECAST – THUNDERSTORMS and STORMS developing in ITALY, here’s where and which areas will hit


Local thunderstorms developing in the inland areas of central and southern Italy

Forecast – After a morning spent on average stable over Italy, except for residual cloud cover over lower Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and the middle Adriatic, instability is gradually returning to some Italian sectors. In particular, observing the satellite image, it is knownAbruzzo there is still a rather consistent cloud cover, responsible for showers close to the Apennine sectors. In next hours pomeridiane i temporal will take shape on mountainous sectors of the Lazio, Molise and focus onAbruzzo; the phenomena will trespass partially up to the internal foothills of mid-low Lazio, or between the Ciociaria and the extreme eastern province of Roma. The phenomena will be rather localized and short-lived, with starry skies at night.

Tomorrow new daytime thunderstorms, in a summer weather context

Weather forecast tomorrow – L’Start of the week will be characterized by summer weather conditions over most of Italy, albeit with some passing clouds. Fresh air gradually extending also to the southern regions, will favor occasional unstable episodes also on the south and on the two Major Islands. The lack of a well organized altopressoria figure will favor the development of downpours and temporal even on the day of tomorrow, especially on the low Lazio, Apennine sectors dell’Abruzzo, of the Calabria and sui mountainous sectors of the two Major islands. There will also be local thunderstorms Alps, especially of lower Piedmont and between Lombardy and South Tyrol. However, they will be both short-lived and less intense than in the past few days. Stable and sunny along the coasts and in the plains with a pleasant climate.

Less widespread instability, more summer phase and with pleasant climate

L’instability which will characterize Italy between today and the first part of next week, will be decidedly clear less organized and intense compared to the past few days. On average, in Italy, currents on average cooler but dry from the northern quadrants are passing, which by the day of tomorrow will also reach the far south. The phenomena developing during the hottest hours, therefore, are mainly driven by the heat that accumulates with the ample sunshine in the low layers and that in some way is partially “disposed of” by the atmosphere through convective motions, favored close to the reliefs where the particles manage to rise in altitude thanks to the orographic forcing up to the level of free convection (LFC).

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