wearing a mask is now compulsory in enclosed public places


What there is to knowWearing a mask is compulsory since Monday July 20 in enclosed public spaces, as part of the fight against the epidemic of Covid-19. The people failing to comply with this obligation may be fined 135 euros. Already compulsory in certain places, such as public transport, it is now imposed in all stores, shopping centers, banks or even covered markets.

No white smoke in Brussels. The European summit devoted to the post-coronavirus economic recovery plan was suspended Monday morning, after a night of negotiations. Negotiations will resume later today, around 4 p.m. For three days, the discussions have come up against the opposition of the “frugal” camp, ie the countries in favor of a strict budgetary orthodoxy, led by the Netherlands.

The Senate votes on the amended budget bill, with new measures. The upper house approved on the night of Sunday to Monday, the third emergency budget proposal for the year 2020 to deal with the coronavirus crisis, enriched with additional measures. Among them, measures to encourage business investment or new exemptions from social contributions for companies with less than 250 employees. Deputies and senators will now try to agree on a common text in joint joint committee.

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