We will start vaccinating against the corona as early as mid-August


Russia announced today (Wednesday) that the vaccine it is developing will be ready for use on August 15 after much effort it has invested in recent weeks and that the administration is expected to register it between August 10-12.

Many countries around the world are trying to find a vaccine for the corona virus, including the American pharmaceutical and biotechnology company Modern, which has announced that it has entered the third phase of the clinical trial of a corona vaccine and will even price the vaccine at about $ 60 a dose.

On the other hand, the Gamlaia Government Institute in Moscow, which has been entrusted with finding a cure for Corona but has not yet succeeded in the second phase of the experiment, has already compared the discovery of the vaccine with the launch of Sputnik – the Russian satellite that bypassed the United States at the last second. “This is a ‘Sputnik’ moment,” said fund chief Kirill Dmitriev. “The Americans were surprised by the ‘Sputnik’. The same thing will happen with this vaccine. Russia will get there first.”

Currently, the world superpower is in fourth place in the world in the number of people infected with corona but only in 11th place in the number of deaths, well behind the US, England and France.

While authorities report “success,” experts say the data is distorted and does not reflect real numbers. The paradox between the high number of patients compared to the number of dead, about 830,000 patients compared to only 14,000 deaths, led to accusations from critics and media in the West that the Russian authorities distorted the data for a political purpose – reducing the scale of the outbreak.

The graphs published by the World Health Association support these claims. While the daily number of infections maintains a constant line and is even on a downward trend, in recent weeks it is not possible to clearly determine what is happening with the graph of the dead, and even in recent days it is seen to be on the rise.

Official figures released by the Russian government show a low number of victims compared to similar countries in a similar situation, and the federal government is under constant criticism for its conduct during the crisis.

Throughout the crisis, there have been reports of attempts to silence elements who dared to contradict the administration’s position. Emergency calls are also growing from members of the country‚Äôs medical system, complaining about the lack of protective equipment and control measures in hospitals, which have caused hundreds of staff to become infected with the virus. Some of them threatened that if they revealed the situation they would be fired, three doctors even fell in a mysterious accident from windows. Two of the fallen doctors died, while one remained in hospital.

Russia’s economic situation is also not bright and leads to widespread public outrage, which has contributed to Putin’s decline in support rates to a 20-year low during the closure. As a result, on May 15, Putin ended the general closure after the economy suffered a severe blow. Russian GDP fell in the second quarter of this year by 9.6 percent in annual terms – in June unemployment rose to an eight-year high: 6.2 percent.

Putin, whose big plans included implementing an economic flagship program that included “national projects” like new urban roads, high-speed railroads and gas connections, and designed to rehabilitate the economy and halve poverty, was forced to postpone them for six years from 2024 to 2030.

Corona spread in Russia
Corona spread in Russia | Photo: Hadar Tendler, Reuters

In addition, his plans to make Russia one of the five largest economies in the world are now out of the question. Russia is currently lagging behind in 11th place in terms of nominal GDP, even behind Brazil which is in a deeper corona crisis and does not see the way out.

To alleviate the situation, the Russian central bank has cut interest rates to a new low, in order to lower the cost
Credit to businesses and consumers, who were hit hard by the double blow of the closure due to the corona and the fall in oil prices at the start of the crisis.

The administration has high hopes for the vaccine and the first to receive it, according to reports, will be health workers in the country. Valentina Matbienko, head of Russia’s upper house of parliament, said that at the current rate of progress, the vaccine would go into mass production by the end of 2020.


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