“We remember the US declaration of independence”


Metropolitan City of Florence

“We remember the US declaration of independence”

Metropolitan councilors of the League in the Center Right Scipioni and La Grassa

“Today history recalls one of the most beautiful documents on freedom ever produced in the course of human experience: the declaration of independence of the United States of America”.

This is what the Northern League metropolitan councilors of the Center-Right group for change Alessandro Scipioni and Filippo La Grassa declare. it is “a day that brings us together and makes us feel strongly close to our overseas brothers, in the defense of the common values ​​of freedom, federalism, the right to the protection of human dignity and respect for the liberal ideals that animated the constitutions of the great democracies modern “.

Today “our heart is with President Trump, a great defender of American history and identity, in Mount Rushmore to pay homage to the democracy that sacrificed many of his children during the Second World War, which allowed our reconstruction with the Marshall plan and that for us remains a beacon for the defense of liberal and democratic values ​​of the western world. On this day we remember, with great pride, the figure of a great Tuscan who actively fought for the independence of the United States, who was one of the men closest to Thomas Jefferson, main author of the document: Filippo Mazzei.
Certainly Mazzei actively inspired the editorial team, bringing a very valuable contribution to the drafting of the American declaration of independence, which is thus partly also forged by an illustrious son of our Tuscany “.

04/07/2020 9.12
Metropolitan City of Florence

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