“We have 3 weeks until doctors have to decide who for women …


Dr. Dov Schwartz of Ben Gurion University in Be’er Sheva addressed the Israeli government today (Sunday) at the Shesh Am studio and said that three immediate steps must be taken, including closures on weekends and evenings. Schwartz warned that if those steps were not taken today, there would be a deterioration A total of the respiratory systems in Israel At the end of the interview, he dramatically called Gantz and Netanyahu: “Imagine in your head.”

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Schwartz, who heads a team of scientists analyzing morbidity data in the first wave, said the three steps that need to be taken would be highly likely to be effective, and if even only half of the population meets these requirements, within a few weeks morbidity would drop significantly. These are the steps he recommends:

1. Closed on weekends, all people stay home.

2. Closed all evenings on weekdays, from 20:00 to 6:00 the next day.

3. The entire population over the age of 67 stays at home for an entire month.

Schwartz added that decisions must be made today. “We are in football during penalties, not even during injuries,” he said. “This means that we have three more weeks for a total deterioration of the coronary respiratory systems in the State of Israel, a situation in which doctors will make a decision that they do not want to make – who for women and who not.”

“Obviously the government needs to compensate these people and businesses, generous compensation,” Schwartz added. “I expect three people – the president, the prime minister, and the alternate prime minister, at 20:00 to address the public on television: ‘Take care of your souls, all people over the age of 67 will stay in homes, we are the first.’

“Let them stop being the ones who quarrel with each other. Even if 50% of the people agree to do it, it will help a lot to get to the point that within 3-4 weeks we will start to significantly reduce the morbidity,” he added. “I think both (Ganz and Netanyahu) should hear the following sentence: ‘Imagine in your head, whatever you decide today, time is running out for injuries, now we need to make a decision in favor of the people of Israel.'”

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